Pritzker Reels

Pritzker Reels

Why Pritzker? Let our students and faculty tell you themselves! The Pritzker Reels explore many facets of student life at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine: the city of Chicago, the Hyde Park campus, the Pritzker curriculum, and many other activities and initiatives taking place on our dynamic campus. You will meet leaders among the Pritzker faculty. You will hear from our students as to why they chose Pritzker and about the contributions they have made to our campus, city, and the practice of medicine. You will get to know a bit more about what makes Pritzker, Pritzker. And with this glimpse into life as a Pritzker student, we hope that you will want to learn more!

Match Day 2013!

Share in the excitement of Match Day, as graduating fourth-year students learn where they will pursue their residency training. Congratulations, Class of 2013!

The Clinical Performance Center at Pritzker

The Clinical Performance Center at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine provides a simulated space for students to work with Standardized Patients in a safe, supportive, and evaluative environment. Use of medical simulation allows the University of Chicago to stay at the forefront of health care education.

Diversity at Pritzker

Diversity - in all its forms - is embraced and valued at Pritzker. From our pipeline programs to the Bowman Society to an array of student interest groups, the Pritzker community supports and celebrates the diversity that enriches our campus and student body.

Community Service at Pritzker

Community Service plays an important role in the life of students at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. From our free clinics, to Days of Service and the Summer Service Partnership, UChicago Pritzker students make a significant impact on the health and well-being of the community around them.

Addressing Health Care Disparities

The Health Care Disparities course is a unique feature in the Pritzker curriculum that offers students insights into this pervasive issue in health care. Through dynamic lectures, experiences on the South Side at clinics and community centers, and impactful research projects, students leave the course with a greater awareness of the magnitude of health disparities and are better prepared to effectively communicate across cultures, and with a commitment to reducing these disparities.

Why Pritzker?

Why should you choose Pritzker? Hear why many of our current students decided to make Pritzker and the city of Chicago their home.

The Pritzker Campus and the City of Chicago: A Great Place to Live and Work

John, Renee, and Andy, students from the Class of 2010, take viewers on a tour throughout the Hyde Park campus and the City of Chicago, and talk about why Chicago is “home.”

Scholarship and Discovery: Exploration and Innovation

Dr. Vineet Arora and two medical students discuss their research in Medical Education, Quality and Safety, and Scientific Investigation—three of the five tracks students can pursue through the Scholarship and Discovery thread.

Scholarship and Discovery: Global Health Scholars Track

Dr. John Schneider, along with two students, talks with Andy about the Global Health Scholarship Track and the various opportunities that students have to get involved on an international scale.

The Global Health Initiative at the University of Chicago

Drs. Funmi and Sola Olopade talk about why Global Health matters to those at the University of Chicago and the contributions they have made to this important issue.

The Urban Health Initiative at the University of Chicago Medical Center

Dr. Erik Whitaker speaks with John about the ways in which the Urban Health Initiative is helping the community, and how the UHI coincides with the overall goals of the University.