Logo Use and Student Websites

Pritzker School of Medicine Logo Guidelines

Student Organizations

When creating an item for a student organization (apparel, tote bag, travel mug, etc.) with the Pritzker name included, students should try to include the official Pritzker logo on some visible portion of the item, unless it is cost-prohibitive (i.e. requires extra screens or color). The logo should not be warped, nor should it be manipulated so as to include only a portion of the complete logo. Contact Rebecca Silverman to request a logo and to ask for institutional approval.

Scholarship Use

When presenting a scholarly poster highlighting research work, students may use the official Pritzker logo on the poster to indicate an affiliation with the institution. If a student is presenting a poster on Pritzker-sanctioned student-related activities or volunteer work (e.g. JOURNEES), they may also use the Pritzker logo. Contact Rebecca Silverman to request a logo. Rebecca also has an official Pritzker PowerPoint template that is available for presentations.

Websites for Student Organizations

Students and faculty affiliated with the University of Chicago may request a University of Chicago branded website from UChicago Sites. UChicago Sites are designed to be easy to update and manage, and to take advantage of best practices in web design. They are also mobile-friendly. The fee for site usage and maintenance is $500 per academic year. Contact Rebecca Silverman for permission to use the Pritzker logo on your site.

YouTube Videos

Students should not use the full University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine name or logo in videos of student productions (senor skit, talent shows) unless they receive permission from James Woodruff, MD (Associate Dean of Students) and Rebecca Silverman. Students should get permission to post the video from all classmates who appear in the production before posting online.

PSOM Letterhead

Student Organizations

Student organizations may request the use of the Pritzker letterhead for purposes such as soliciting funding from external audiences or applying for grant funding. Email Rebecca Silverman with your requested letter in a Word document. If approved for use, she will format it on Pritzker letterhead and email you a digital/PDF copy.

Scholarship Use

In general, letterhead for publication submissions should be supplied by the faculty mentor/lab who is serving as the first author or corresponding author. Students serving as first authors who are not associated with a specific faculty mentor or lab should contact Rebecca Silverman to request that the submission be formatted on Pritzker letterhead.