Entering Class Profile

The Entering Class of 2018

Class Demographics

80 MD Students
10 MD/PhD Students

56% Women
44% Men

22% Illinois Residents
77% Out-of-State
1% International

24% Underrepresented in Medicine


MCAT Range
505 •-------------• 526

Cumulative GPA Range
3.13 •-------------• 4.0

Science GPA Range
3.06 •-------------• 4.0

The entering class of 2018 hailed from 28 states (and 43 different colleges and universities):



63% of the class took at least one year between completing a bachelor's degree and beginning medical school:


In Their Words
Why our students chose the University of Chicago

I chose to come here because Pritzker WALKS THE WALK on my core values. The school exudes kindness and fierce compassion--for peers, patients, students, staff. Faculty treat students more like colleagues than inferiors, and students also treat each other like colleagues, not competitors.

I chose Pritzker because it is, to me, the ideal balance between service and science. I see myself as both an academic and researcher but also as being an advocate and a caretaker. I see these values of academic rigor and compassion reflected back to me in my peers and my professors and it’s so exciting to be amongst such passionate, hard-working people.

I loved Pritkzer's wide range of research and service opportunities. I hope to continue working in research throughout my future career and felt that the Scholarship and Discovery track in particular would be an amazing opportunity to continue learning and exploring both basic and clinical science. Similarly, I hoped that I would be able to learn more about serving different communities and reach out to underserved populations through Pritzker's student-run clinics and community health groups.

Pritzker's commitment to diversity in all forms and at all levels was extremely refreshing to me. Many schools I interviewed at talked about inclusion efforts, but to come here and meet students with such varied life experiences who genuinely wanted to learn from and advocate for groups different from their own was amazing. This is even reflected in the administration at Pritzker; I cannot think of another school I interviewed at where I saw as many women and people of color in leadership positions. Just from these initial observations, I could tell that Pritzker was a place that knows that medicine must be inclusive of people from all walks of life, especially those that are typically marginalized.

The Pritzker School of Medicine stood out to me as a place I felt I could grow most as a physician and a scientist. The culture stood out to me with each individual I interacted with: from the medical students to the faculty. The opportunity to be here at a pivotal time with the reintroduction of the Trauma 1 center gave me the feeling that I could truly reach out and impact the South Side community directly as a volunteer. Moreover, the research faculty here is absolutely outstanding, and I look forward to working on an impactful project that may lead to advances to human health. Ultimately, I felt like Pritzker really cared about me as a potential student, and that feeling has proven to be true in my time here.